Kadish, Gagan, & Bartlit was officially formed in January 2016 and immediately began work on their debut album, Still Here, which won Best Jazz CD at the 2017 New Mexico Music Awards. The three friends have known each other and worked together in various musical combinations going all the way back to 1980. Their individual careers have led them all on globe-trotting lives filled with wondrous musical experiences which they are now delighted to combine into the dynamic, irrepressible, and fun-loving trio affectionately known to some simply as KGB. They can be found performing regularly in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Kirk Kadish is a composer/producer/keyboardist living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has lived a life immersed in music, beginning when he was just old enough to clamber down the stairs to go exploring on the old upright piano in the basement of his Melvindale, Michigan home, through a career in Washington, DC as a military musician performing with many of the world’s greatest musicians, to his current work as an independent artist. He has released numerous albums of his original compositions and collaborates with composers from around the globe. His writing and performing embraces, spans, and transcends any single style. He is endlessly fascinated with the process of organizing sound in ways that excite and inspire him, his many collaborators, and his audiences. He shrugs off any restraints or conventions that would hinder his freedom in exploring the boundaries of our musical world. He hopes you will find great pleasure and satisfaction in sharing and joining in his journey and making it a part of your own.

Composer/arranger/bassist Jon Gagan is a Santa Fe native who is most famous for his 30+ years of five-time Grammy Award-nominated work as Nuevo Flamenco guitarist Ottmar Liebert’s musical director. Among his many achievements with Ottmar, perhaps most noteworthy is his composition of a full-length symphonic score for one of Ottmar’s live performance tours. Jon continues to tour with Ottmar and has performed with numerous jazz greats including Emily Remler, Mose Allison, Milt Jackson, and many more. He is ceaselessly writing, recording, and performing his own compositions. His solo albums include Transit (2004), Transit 2 (2007), and Transit 3: migration (2013). Along with developing his own material, Jon loves to collaborate with artists ranging all the way from his hometown neighbors to renowned international stars.

John Bartlit is a Los Alamos-born and bred composer/drummer/ukuleleist (is that a real word??) When he is not touring the world as an internationally acclaimed musician and clinician, he can be found performing throughout central New Mexico with virtually all of the best talent in our region. Based now in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, John is known far and wide as an accomplished jazz drummer and brings an infectious joy to the stage, whether he is playing a traditional percussion instrument or something he found amusing in the plumbing department of a hardware store. Not only does he perform on an astonishing variety of “instruments,” but his repertoire, both as a performer and composer stretches from modern chamber music to Central American folk music to vaudeville. He has been a classical percussionist, composer, producer, visual artist, clown, playwright, and accompanist with a variety of musical groups and professional dance companies and, it turns out, he is no slouch on the ukulele, either.